How to Get to Top of the Rock – By Subway, Bus, Citibike


Top of the Rock is located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112, United States.

The main entrance to the skyscraper is at 50th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

The second entrance to the building is at the concourse level of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. 

This plaza is the centerpiece of the Rockefeller Center and is connected with the whole city via many available transportation options.

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By Subway

There are various subway routes all around the city that will lead you to Top of the Rock, NYC. 

You can board the B, D, F or M train to reach the closest 47-50th Street Rockefeller Center Subway Station and walk your way to the building. 

You can also reach Rockefeller Center by boarding either N, Q or R train and getting off at 49th Street Subway station

If you take train 1, you will have to hop off at 50th Street Subway Station and walk east to reach your destination.

If you decide to board train 6, get off at 51st Street station and move towards the east to reach Rockefeller Center. 

By Bus

By Bus

There are several bus options available that run throughout the city, which you can board to reach Rockefeller Center. 

From Fifth Avenue (going south) or Madison Avenue (going north)

Board the Bus M1, M2, M3, M4 or M5 to reach 50th street. 

Buses run North and South on this route. 

From 49th and 50th street

You can board the M50 bus from 49th or 50th Street and exit anywhere between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue. 

Buses run east and west on this route. 

From Broadway

You can also board the M7 bus from Broadway and step down at 50th Street to reach Rockefeller Centre by walking east. 

Buses run north and south. 

Citi Bike

Citi Bike

New York City also provides an official bike-sharing system for having a tour around the city.

It’s a fun, easy, and affordable way to explore the city.

FAQs about How to Get to Top of the Rock

1. Is it possible to reach Top of the Rock by Bus?

Yes, Depending on your initial location, you can use buses like M1, M2, M3, M4 or M5, M50, or M7 to reach the Top of the Rock.
To know specifically where all these bus lines start from, refer to the information mentioned above.

2. How much does it cost getting to Top of the Rock by Subway?

The Base Subway price to reach Rockefeller Center is $2.75. However, the fare can change based on the location or station you board the Subway from.

3. What’s the nearest Subway Station to Rockefeller Center?

47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr is the nearest train/Subway station to Rockefeller Center.

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