Top of the Rock Observation Decks


Anyone who visits New York always wants to make sure that they don’t miss visiting one of the famous observation decks in the city.

Top of the Rock observation decks is the most famous places to get a glimpse of the beautiful skyline of New York City. 

The view from up here stretches over many other prominent landmarks like the Empire state building, One World Observatory, Chrysler Building and even the Brooklyn bridge. 

These Top of the Rock observatory decks covers 3 floors of 30 Rockefeller plaza. 

67th-floor deck


The first floor of the three famous observatory decks of Top of the Rock is the 67th-floor deck. 

This observatory deck stands 250 meters (820 feet) tall above the grounds of New York City. 

A specially engineered high-speed elevator with a beautiful glass ceiling will take you to this 67th-floor deck. 

The viewing platform of this floor will allow you to witness the marvelous sight of the New York City Skyline looking upto you in its full glory. 

What makes the 67th-floor deck even more interesting is the Radiance wall made up of  Gossamer glass panels illuminated with fiber optic lighting and crystal clusters. 

You can also see the famous Beam Walk here as well. 

69th-floor deck

69th-floor deck

Moving 6 meters (20 feet) above the 67th-floor deck, you will reach the 69th-floor deck, the second observatory deck of the Top of the Rock. 

This deck is fenced with a 2.6-meter parapet of frameless protective glass.

You will also find that the climate-controlled indoor galleries here have quite favorable temperatures to offer warmth during cold winter days.

There is a fun outdoor deck called “Breezeway,” where you will get assigned a color that will follow you throughout the floor. 

70th-floor deck

70th-floor on top of the rock

The 70th-floor deck is the highest observation deck of the Top of the Rock. 

At a whopping height of 259 meters (850 feet), this observatory deck offers a perfect bird-eye view over the New York City Skyline. 

The view from the 70th-floor deck covers some of the most famous New York skyscrapers like One World Observatory, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

This is an entirely outdoor observation deck so you can have a beautiful view of the city from every vantage point. 

This deck will serve as a blessing if you are a photographer.

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