Content Information Policy

At Vacatis, authenticity and passion for travel are of utmost importance. This document outlines the ethical standards that guide our travel content. 

The policy establishes guidelines for how we produce information, verify its accuracy, maintain its relevance, and proofread it to confirm the facts.

Our most precious resources are our readers. To maintain our relationship with our readers, we aim to deliver objective and reliable content. Thus, by preserving the highest editing standards, our in-house authors and editors work to attain quality and quantity.

The stages of creating and sharing content with our audience are as follows.

Stage 1: Selecting the writers

We cultivate a diverse workforce of seasoned writers from different backgrounds that broaden the range of voices and viewpoints available while discussing travel.

Diverse backgrounds help us understand everyone’s journey, which later becomes their voice. We assess our content writers’ life experience, knowledge of the subject area, and topic competence.

Stage 2: Training the writers 

We regularly organize training and educational workshops to help the authors feel empowered and knowledgeable. These workshops cater to teaching our writers the finest methods for research and offer them ongoing coaching and feedback on their work.

Stage 3: Literature Review

Although we have tons of information accessible online it is contradictory, inaccurate, and overwhelming.

To guarantee that the information is evidence-based, we research the foundation of every content meticulously. 

The carefully chosen authors go deeply to comprehend the subject and devote most of the time to research. We rely on tour operators, tour guides, travel bloggers and locals for inputs. 

Stage 4: Preparation

All our content is based on legitimate data, and our primary goal is to research and write articles based on secondary sources like the tourist attraction’s official website, travel aggregator websites, travel blogs, etc. 

If need be, we also contact the staff of the tourist attractions to get correct and updated bits of information.

We work hard to lay the groundwork for our writing, and the themes we choose aim to inform our readers about tourist attractions and travel.

We also recognize that everyone’s journey is unique. Therefore, to ensure the article covers the whole range of information related to travel, our editorial staff undertakes in-depth field research and self-evaluation.

Stage 5: Data collection and writing

Our sites’ data collection and provision are supported by reliable sources. We make sure the data comes from a trusted source in order to prevent inaccurate information and uphold our reader’s confidence. The sources are listed at the bottom of the page, or you may find links to them within the article.

Stage 6: Editing and evaluation

Before being published on the website, every piece of material goes through a development and review procedure twice to guarantee accuracy and authenticity conforming to our well-established editorial procedure.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and all our authors follow a set procedure. The procedure is as follows.

(i) Proofreading

Along with double-checking language, spelling, lack of plagiarism, and structure of the piece, our team of editors are dedicated to eliminating any potential for erroneous or inaccurate material.

As part of our commitment to quality, the proofreading procedure follows a stringent set of rules. The analysis guarantees a distinctive tone, voice, style, and goal for the content representing Vacatis.

(ii) Testing reliability

In an effort to get reliable and accurate data, the acquired information is rigorously validated.

Our information is reviewed by our in-house editors. The names of the author and editor are listed on the website.

(iii) Fact-checking

Before publishing the article, we conduct a two-step procedure for fact-checking.

Prior to sending the information to the editing staff, the writer is in charge of conducting research and fact-checking. The editor then goes over the document again to double-check the facts.

Finally, the Captain of the team picks up random bits of information from the article(s) and checks them a third time.

(iv) Openness and Fairness

Transparency and fairness are values held by Vacatis.

No tourist attraction, tour operator, travel aggregator or advertising agency has any input into what we publish; our editorial staff makes all of the decisions.

We are honest about any partnerships we may have with individuals or groups. 

Readers should keep in mind that, although working together, we will not be persuaded to shape the material we present.

The integrity of our content is of utmost importance, and it will never be jeopardized.

However, within our articles we might include affiliate links, and when you purchase from us, we make a small commission with no extra cost to you. 

(v) New updates

Every new piece of knowledge that modifies outdated ideas causes travel information to change over time. We have a staff of editors whose exclusive focus is locating and updating outdated content to reflect the most accurate, critical, and the latest information.

The updates could involve the following:

  • Making small corrections.
  • Adding new details.
  • Swapping out images and sources.
  • Make other changes to make the content more beneficial for the tourist

We continually inspect the articles, update them, and review them. Our editorial team looks over the submission, determines the changes that could be made, and then republishes the updated material.

(vi) Empathy

We make sure that the information is simple to grasp for our diversified audience.

As a result, our writers and editors place a high value on empathetic writing, real-world relevance, great sources, inclusivity, readability, clarity, and accurate citations.

We encourage an approachable yet courageous tone in the text that is friendly and empathic.

We consciously choose to tell free-of-judgment tales while avoiding stigma, prejudices, and bias.

In order to enlighten our readers and show compassion, we purposefully use terms that dispel stereotypes. We make sure to update ourselves as well in light of the ongoing upgrades and linguistic progress.

Stage 7: Publishing

The content is sent to the publishing team once our editorial board and the fact-checking team approves it.

This well-proven cycle of content publishing is repeated every time we make a change in any of our websites. 

Advertising policy 

We allow adverts on our website in order to keep the resources necessary to produce the high-quality material you expect. 

We place a high emphasis on transparency and expect that by reading our policy you will gain more faith in the information and services we offer.

All of Vacatis’ websites allow affiliate links and advertising. 

However editorial material and advertising are kept strictly separate on all of the websites.

We take special care to position advertising so that it doesn’t obstruct your reading experience. This pertains to both the layout of the page and the amount of advertising we decide to display there.