Top of the Rock Waiting Times


Visitors to Top of the Rock always have to spare some time waiting before enjoying the views from the observatory decks.

These waiting times depend upon the crowd you will face on the day of your visit. 

The waiting time at Top of the Rock can be divided into three phases. 

Queuing up to buy tickets

This is the waiting period that you will have to go through while you buy the tickets from the box office. 

Usually, it takes around 15 minutes to get the tickets, but if you are visiting during the peak season, the lines outside the box office can be much longer. 

To avoid this waiting phase, you can Buy Your Tickets online and get to the attraction directly.

Waiting for your time slots

Every ticket to Top of the Rock is a timed ticket, as it has a particular time mentioned on it.

While buying tickets online, you must select a preferred time slot to visit the attraction. 

And even if you took the trouble of getting your tickets offline, you might not get to visit the attraction in the immediate next slot. 

For instance, if you reach the tower at 2.00 pm and book your ticket for the next time slot of 2.45 pm, you will still have to wait 45 minutes to enter the premises. 

This waiting time can extend upto one hour during the peak season.

Waiting time inside Top of the Rock

Once you enter the Rockefeller center, you will have to wait in lines for a few more occasions. 

This waiting time includes security checkups, taking official photographs, queuing up to take the lift, and the time spent standing in queue to see the short film at Rockefeller center. 

This waiting period is inevitable as you can’t do anything to avoid this. 

However, the good thing about this waiting phase is that it will only add up to 10-15 minutes to your tour at the Top of the Rock.

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